PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Simple, easy, and cost-effective surface stabilisation

Better roads, stronger surfaces, and less maintenance

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is the easily transported, mixed, applied, and maintained surface stabilising agent. With a single 2kg bottle, 500m2 of road or other surface covered to 100mm depth will be significantly stronger, safer, and less costly than is typical with lime and cement processes.

Building with PolyCom Stabilising Aid produces surfaces that require 4 to 6 times less maintenance, produce on average 50% less dust, compacts to higher, more uniform densities with less effort applied, and utilises significantly more sustainable recycled building materials. PolyCom Stabilising Aid is engineered to make surfaces last longer at a fraction of the cost, all with a simple, non-invasive process for the workers on the site.

Engineered for stronger, longer-lasting roads

Economically designed

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is designed to be cost-efficient, with a small pallet of bottles transported by car sufficient to replace multiple truck-loads of other material. The binding properties of PolyCom Stabilising Aid are engineered to reduce the maintenance required on roads by a factor of 4 to 6 times, saving significant costs over the lifetime of the road, and allowing for more convenient, local materials to be integrated into the road surface.

Simple to use

Reducing the requirement for heavy machinery, material processing plants, and complicated application processes makes PolyCom Stabilising Aid far easier and faster to apply than traditional surface compacting methods. With simple, portable equipment, and no change to established processes, PolyCom Stabilising Aid can be easily incorporated into existing road construction methods without specialised training or extending deadlines.


PolyCom Stabilising Aid is designed to improve the performance of roads and other surfaces with greater water resistance, improved workability, and increased strength, resulting in more resilient, safer, and sustainable roads.

Convenient and adaptable

With local in-situ building materials, less processing plant activity, and significantly less maintenance, PolyCom Stabilising Aid provides an economical, flexible solution to building roads. Road construction can be completed in remote or inaccessible areas at a fraction of the cost by minimising costly transport and frequent reactive maintenance, allowing councils and shires to allocate their budgets to other areas.

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