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PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an economical solution to improve the engineering properties of gravels and soils for construction purposes. PolyCom reduces maintenance requirements on unsealed roads and delivers quality and economic results consistently in most soil and gravel types and building the reputation as the premier widely used ‘polymer’ stabiliser internationally.

PolyCom is a concentrate of Poly-acrylamide (PAM) surfactants & binders which when mixed with water, produces a liquid co-polymer that is relatively insoluble upon drying.

When applied in the correct concentration and mixed appropriately using standard equipment, the PolyCom treated material acts to give higher quality, longer lasting results. The poorest quality materials have been successfully treated in order to produce good quality longer lasting all weather pavements, at a fraction of the cost of either re-sheeting or traditional stabilisation products. It provides a more environmentally acceptable approach, promoting the option of sustainability through recycling In-situ materials, reducing carbon footprint and consumption of finite resources in the form of quarried stone. 

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What is also remarkable about PolyCom is the simplicity of the whole process from delivery to application.  PolyCom is supplied in 2kg bottles, which will stabilise 50m³ or 100 tonnes of material.  Again, the application rate is made simple: it is the same for every material. PolyCom was developed this way. So if you are stabilising a 1km long road, 5m wide to a depth of 100mm, you only need 10 bottles, which can be delivered by car.

How can so little go so far? 

Well, PolyCom is sophisticated in its design and development, but with simplicity of use in mind in every facet of its application.

One 2kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid will cover 500m2 at 100mm depth. The comparatively small amounts of PolyCom dramatically increase the strength and running surface of your road and there are huge water savings during the road construction or maintenance process.

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PolyCom & DustChek National Business Development Manager

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a highly effective soil stabilisation product with applications for sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance, mining haul road maintenance, embankment stabilisation, transport hardstands and general earthworks.

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid is proven safe and will not harm humans or the environment. PolyCom is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. It is a purposely manufactured Anionic Polyacrylamide, blended with virgin materials, and is not a by-product from other operations.

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid has impeccable environmental and OHS credentials. There are practical, hands on, experienced PolyCom distributors in every state in Australia wide who know your local conditions.

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DustChek is a new generation dust control product specifically formulated for today’s challenging dust control problems in the mining industry. DustChek improves and stabilises unpaved haul road surfaces by saturating and bonding dust and aggregate particles together.

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PolyCom delivers cost effective solutions for mine, quarry managers and civil contractors to manage your site’s water quality and quantity issues. PolyCom reduces water usage by up to 90%.



PolyCom Stabilising Aid promotes usage of existing material or enhancing easily available material. Doing so has less impact on the surrounding environment and road network, consumes 95% less carbon and up to 90% less water as opposed to re-sheeting.

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