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Rail Trail Stabilisation with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

In a bold move to enhance the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, the Somerset Council undertook a ground breaking project from May to June 2021, focusing on just over 10 kilometers of this iconic 161-kilometer trail. The objective was clear: stabilise the surface to deliver a resilient, water-resistant st6abilisation that ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all trail enthusiasts. PolyCom Stabilising Aid emerged as the star player in this venture, chosen for its promise of strength and reduced maintenance needs.
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The Role of Dust Suppression in the Festive Season

With the festive season fast approaching, controlling dust levels becomes crucial, particularly during the holiday period when construction activity is halted. Airborne dust can cause health issues such as respiratory problems and eye irritation, and this risk is heightened during Christmas when construction sites shut down temporarily. It is surprising to note that there is a link between the holiday season and increased dust levels, which emphasizes the need for extra vigilance.
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DustChek - Mastering Dust Control in El Niño

El Niño leads to drier conditions and increased dust generation due to soil dehydration. Dust storms, worsened by El Niño, pose challenges for agriculture, public health, and infrastructure. DustChek, developed by BioCentral Laboratories in South Australia, offers an eco-friendly and versatile solution for dust control. It traps dust particles, preserving soil quality and reducing the need for frequent dust control measures, ultimately benefiting Australia's environment and economy. With El Niño impacting Australia, DustChek becomes even more crucial in safeguarding Australia's environment and economic stability.
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