The smarter, safe dust control solution for mining sites

Engineered for better dust suppression

DustChek is designed to meet the challenging dust control problems that mines face with a cost-effective, water-conservative, and performance-based solution. With DustChek, mines are able to significantly reduce the air pollution of airborne particulates on site while consuming less water and spending less time watering haul roads.

DustChek is a water additive that bonds dust and aggregate particles together to improve and stabilise surfaces for better roads, less maintenance, and significantly less air pollution.

Why use DustChek over other dust control methods?


With a dramatic 80% reduction in water consumed on-site for dust mitigation, DustChek makes water last longer. With DustChek mixed in the watercart, haul roads require watering significantly less than the alternative of multiple times daily, saving hours of driving, fuel costs, and road maintenance.

Resilient road surfaces

When applied to unpaved haul roads, DustChek produces a durable surface that is both resistant to water and flexible upon contact, preventing road damage, reducing maintenance requirements, and resisting damage to heavy rain and weather events.


DustChek is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and bio-degradable as a water-soluble dust control agent. It is formulated to meet the highest global standards of environmental efficacy and enables mines to optimally reduce harmful dust-related occupational health and safety concerns.

Simple and effective

As a simple water additive, DustChek is extremely easy to use, with no additional equipment required beyond the typical road watering fit-out for mines; it is manually handled and added to water carts as they are filled.

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