Where PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek are making an impact

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Building sustainability into road infrastructure

Roads perform an important connecting function for every community. Yet most current approaches to road construction and maintenance are unsustainable in economic, environmental and social terms.

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Non-wetting soil stabilisation

A local Government Shire in Western Australia was recently having trouble with a non-wetting silty sand/gravel that was sourced locally to complete a 6km section of unsealed road. Before the introduction of PolyCom, this soil was taking over 600,000 litres per 200m section to achieve OMC and was extremely difficult to work according to the works crew.

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Repairing flood damaged roads: A smart new direction

Flood recovery works are underway as road crews repair widespread damage caused by heavy rain in 2016. But for some innovative councils, it's not business as usual as they embrace a new strategy.

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Road to grain silo improved with Polycom road stabiliser treatment

An unsealed hardstand surrounding a grain silo in central Victoria has been strengthened with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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How to make your unsealed road resilience skyrocket

The challenge of financial sustainability for many Australian councils impacts their ability to deliver efficient road maintenance programs. This is a particular problem for those with large road networks, and the increasing cost of raw materials and haul distance for re-sheeting.

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Resilient moduli responses of polymeric - treated pavement foundation materials under repeated loading

Polyacrylamide (PAM) has been shown to enhance strength, stiffness and durability characteristics of granular materials, in addition to providing lower carbon footprints when compared to traditional stabilisers.

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4 ways you can improve your unsealed road maintenance

Rural councils and road agencies should embrace innovative solutions proven to slash the economic and environmental burdens of maintaining unsealed roads, researchers say.

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the front line: Road patch stabilisation in Australia

The root cause of most roadway failures is drainage, drainage, drainage. John MacAdam said in 1820, "Experience has shown that if water passes through a road and fills the native soil, the road whatever its thickness, loses support & goes to pieces."

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