PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek are improving roads and surfaces worldwide

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Commonly answered questions

Is DustChek and PolyCom Stabilising Aid environmentally safe?

Yes, both products have undergone rigorous testing and are considered non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and harmless to humans and plant life.

Is PolyCom and DustChek safe from an OH&S perspective?

Yes, no special precautions or PPE are usually required, and no heavy lifting is required to utilise PolyCom or DustChek in most projects. We recommend that you speak to your distributor for detailed information about your project's requirements, however.

Do PolyCom and DustChek work when used together?

For new builds where dust management is a serious concern, we strongly recommend both PolyCom Stabilising Aid and DustChek are used together. The two products are very much compatible, and the best results in surface stabilisation and dust control are achieved when both are employed in parallel.

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